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Frequently asked questions

I am a one-person real estate agent. Will you work for me?

Of course, Yes. In fact we work with several one person companies and have helped them earn more revenues while keeping the costs low.

Can I get an exclusive team of real estate virtual assistants?

Yes. You can get an exclusive team of real estate virtual assistants to work for you. You can select a team leader for communication and co-ordination.

I want to speak to my real estate virtual assistant to evaluate them? Is that possible?

Yes. Absolutely. We welcome you to speak and pick the agent you are most comfortable with. After all we want this work for both you and us.

I want a real estate virtual assistant with multiple skill-set. Do you have such people?

We have a large team of real estate virtual assistants and some of them are multi-skilled. Majority of them are trained on all the daily tasks of a real estate administrator. However, it is not possible for someone to know everything. But the important aspect is, we work as a team and someone will always be there to do an expert task for you. You are guaranteed to get a complete coverage of skill-set within our team to successfully run your real estate business. You don't have to chase around for any expert skill.

All you have to do is assign your task to one of our staff, they will get it done, either by themselves or by some other expert in the team. They will then report back to you with the completed work.

I want a real estate virtual assistant only when I get busy. Is that possible?

You can sign up a virtual assistant only when you are busy. We typically would need 7-14 days notice for us to start. However, we have a large team of real estate virtual assistants and sometimes we may be able to accommodate even quicker. If you no longer need a virtual assistant, we just need a 29-day notice.

How do you provide multi-talented virtual assistants at such low price?

Our real estate virtual assistants work from our office in India. It is possible to recruit good talent at reasonable price from India. We pay more than the average industry salary and so are able to attract good quality staff. We directly pass those benefits to you.

What benefits do you provide for these virtual assistants?

It is myth that the staff work on poor conditions. These days all the offices are much more modern and sophisticated, even compared against the offices in the US. Our offices are centrally located in the city with buses to pick them and drop them off. We offer above industry average salary, free snacks, holidays and great benefits. These help our staff to be happy and this reflects on the quality and dedication of their work.

Can you tell me more about the privacy laws and data security?

We are very serious about data privacy and data protection. We take every possible effort to ensure that your data is 100% safe and secure, when our virtual assistants work on your information. Here is a list of data protection measures that we have implemented.

  • All our transmission servers are based in secure facilities in the USA
  • The system used for data transmission is 256-bit encrypted
  • We have non-disclosure agreements with all our real estate virtual assistants
  • We do a pre-screening and criminal record check for every real estate virtual assistant before we employ them
  • Our systems are secured by multiple firewalls and access passwords
  • No removable media such as tapes and drives in the work floor
  • CCTV monitoring on all the work floors
  • Bio-metric finger print scanning access to our work floor

What are your contract terms? Are you flexible?

We are acutely aware of the fact that your success determines ours. So working with virtual assistant is based on mutual success in each other's business. That is why, we are very flexible in our contracts and all we ask is a 29-day notice if you want to stop the services.

I want to visit India and your office Do you encourage that?

We will be delighted to host you. It also works better, if you personally meet your team of professionals that would work for you.

How can I start?

Just contact us by email or phone. We will get back to you within 8 hours. Usually, we reply within minutes. We will discuss the specifics and after we understand your requirements, we will identify the candidate and connect with you. The entire process will only take between 1-7 days.

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