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How does it work?

Our real estate virtual assistants work for you virtually, from our offices in India. We will either remotely connect to your office computer and do the work or do everything from our computer and upload the work online.

Our real estate virtual assistants will be available to you by instant messenger (Skype, Yahoo, MSN...) and through a direct US phone number. It is similar to your having a branch office at a different location. We are not work from home agents and all our real estate virtual assistants work from our high security office in India. We always have people for additional coverage.

We will free you up for the customer facing front end tasks. You will have more time to spend with your customers. You can spend more time with them on the phone or in person, show them more properties in an unhurried way, and create numerous better business opportunities.

Why virtual assistant?

In the current economic climate, the best way to run a business is to reduce the fixed costs and balance the variable costs. This will reduce all your risks in the business. Small customer facing front office and a flexible administrative back office is the right way to offset the risks and at the same time grow the business.

With our multi-talented real estate virtual assistants, we help you setup a flexible and multi-talented back-office. The team size can grow as you grow the business, and we will automatically adjust the workload based on your demand.

Why Integra for real estate virtual assistant?

  • Tailored for real estate companies
  • 1300+ professionals with wealth of experience
  • We are a US company with our own Indian branch office

We have helped several real estate companies quickly expand their business while keeping their costs to an absolute minimum. It is a proven concept, strongly recommended by industry experts and used by several market leading real estate companies.

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