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Client Testimonials

"Good job, thanks! You are really helping me. Thanks again! With your help, maybe I can spend some time with my kids."

Dan Morden,
Florida – US

We are very happy with the work that you have been doing lately and really appreciate. You guys seem to always know when the orders come in at the time that they come in. You save us both time and money and so eager to please us. Wow..!!

Jonathan Montgomery,
Real Estate & BPO agent, Cliff Real Estate

No problem, I'm going to be giving your name to many people. I've been happy with Roja. She is working hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. Hopefully, we can help you grow as well.

Derick Fluker

Ram & his crew at Integra are doing a great job with everything I've thrown at them. I've been able to delegate nearly all of my daily repetitive tasks for a given project to a very intelligent, hard working, kind, & honest VA who takes care of issues before I ever need to know they exist.

Within 10 calendar days she was flying solo. I immediately found myself with 20+ hours / week of MY time back. This alone was worth it. Further, profits jumped nearly 70% in the first 2 weeks.

Professional, responsive, on time, at or under budget is what these guys are. Integra has taken good care of this project for me & I intend on using them for all my outsourced VA needs.

Joe Miller,

Hello Nigel, CC'd is Ram and his team members. Ram is the director and Kavitha leads the accounting department. I find it very easy to work with them. They handle all my admin and accounting, I mean everything. They have access to QuickBooks online, Chase Online, all my credit cards, etc.

QB online does auto downloads but giving them access to the accounts allows for them to get further details. They also pay all bills whether via ACH, online bill payment or PayPal. They are 100% trustworthy and I highly recommend them. Sincerely,

Michael Derik,

Hi Lynette, You are STAR TELEPHONER. I have spoken briefly to Geoffrey Reed at Royal College of Music; he was most complimentary about you and has confirmed the visit for 2pm on the 30th November. That's the second one confirmed by you this morning, well done.

Jonathan Knight,
Knight Associates

Raj, Thank you for this. We are very happy with the work, we have spoken and tried several firms over the last year but had been unable to find one which provided the level of work and detail we required, but we feel that the work done by your team and the format and delivery and turnaround has been excellent. So thank you.

I will forward more work shortly once we review our client workload.

Peter Andrew

Hello Michael, Just want to thank you guys for the wonderful job you are doing for our company. I would also like to thank Ricky; he is very professional and courteous to every customer.

Josette Woods

I use a great virtual assistant company in India, Integra. They handle everything for me from reconciliation to making payments. They do the entire payroll including paying NY and IRS taxes. I give them rights to Chase Online banking and Online Quick Books.

QB will download transactions from Chase and they will reconcile. You will give them access to CC merchant account so they can login and reconcile with that also so all client names are correct. After a few back and forth everything will run smoothly.

Their rate is just $9.00 per hour. They are great. Do as you please but if you if want to go this route then I would like you to sign up for QuickBooks online (I will use personal card and company can reimburse me). I will also sign us up for IRS and NY online payroll tax payment systems. Let me know if that helps. Thanks.

Michael Lask

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